I'd like to tell you a little bit about our Caviary. We started around 2004 with one guinea pig. Then my son and I decided we would get another to raise a few to help with the 2 pigs feed and bedding. Well as you all know, once the little ones arrived we couldn't part with them. One thing led to another; more cages, more babies, and lots of research. We spoke to a lady named Judy Hupperts I had known as a kid to see about getting a Texel. She got me set up with a pair. Then she introduced me to the showing of Guinea Pigs. From there I was bitten by the show bug, hook line and sinker!

I don't really remember how I found Kathy Edie, but I did, and I was bent on getting more. She sold me some pairs to get started. It so happened she was delivering some to someone else and I met her half way. She said delivery isn't something she normally did, but we arranged the trip together. I was so excited to meet her, I took her picture so I would remember what she looked like. I was so grateful to her. Well, little did I know that we would become such good long-distance friends. She was there for me with answers to my questions; even showed me how to groom Texels properly, how to pick the best for showing, etc. I want to thank you, Kathy, for being a good friend.

My son, Timothy II, and I would go to shows and adsorb all we could learn, and had lots of Fun! Cavy people were always there to help us. We didn't win for a while, but when we did it was a thrill of a life time for us. Sure it costs money to go to shows and there's the stress of getting there; but it's so worth it. Win or loose it's a blast seeing all the wonderful Cavy Breeders and Judges that we have met and come to know.

Thanks to everyone that took part in our lives in the cavy world.
Go Cavies!!
Melissa Sykes

Brighton, Illinois