Pick Up and Delivery
TimsCavies is located in the lower portion of Illinois. We try to make pick up & delivery as simple as we can, for our prospective buyers. We are willing to travel some distances to meet someone if necessary. Transportation Expences will apply accordingly. We also have some transporters that travel to many different states on a regular basis, willing to help by taking on extra riders for a reasonable transport fee. All pigs & transportation fees must be paid in advance before leaving here. Payment accepted thru PayPal or Postal Money Order.

Here at TimsCavies we are more than willing to ship. Yes it can be a hassle, getting all the arrangements made but are more than willing to do so. We feel it is a safe, less stressful, quick effective way to get them to you. Your time is valuable and this way is the fastest way to get them to you. Sometimes the least expensive way as well.

Carriers must be airline approved. This can be as simple as an airline approved cat kennel carrier to a pre ordered cage for shipping. Prices will vary in this area. We will order the carrier, you will pay the maker of the cage plus shipping costs to get it to me.

Airfares will be discussed over the phone. Fares range from $225 to $375 per carrier, being shipped. Fares based on Airline used-size of carrier-weight being shipped. All fees must be paid in full before ever leaving here.

Health Certificates:
Frontier requires them an all pets shipped, Contineal  does not require them. Veterian fee's vary from $15 to $65

Transport Expence to vet $25.00,  Transport Expence to Airport $35, Transport Expence to store for kennel carrier $10, if needed. 

All pigs are healthy when leaving here, If you wish a health certificate i will be more than glad to get one for you at your expense, Vet fees and $25 transportation expense to vet. All sales are final. Payment accepted by PayPal or Postal Money Order.

Brighton, Illinois